Food Stamp Diet: Prep week

Tried to use up existing materials. Had some wheat cereal (boils up like oatmeal) Experimented with soaking chic peas. I under estimated how much time from the time I soaked them to the time I turned them into fake-fish sandwich material & curry. Next time, soak the beans on Saturday, turn them into lunches on Sunday.

Got pepitas and sunflowers for making milk. The organic sunflowers were raw. I dry blended them to a powder and added boiling water. What I got was a very gritty milk with a lot of solids that sank to the bottom– not at all a good drinking milk. I know I could have used a nut bag to filter our the solids, but I don’t like wasting a half cup of seeds to get seed flavored milk. Today I’m using the sunflower seed milk to make a pudding pie and a pie crust. So far so good, haven’t eaten it yet though.

Back on the topic of breakfast cereals– steel cut oats are a double waste of money. The resulting oats taste like boiled wheat berries– hard and chewy. Since they were stale I looked up how long grains keep. Optimally, grains are kept in the fridge, ground at the last moment within 4 to 6 months. This implies that farmers that depended on grains to get through the winter were eating stale tasting bread, flour and grains by spring.

Continuing to shop for vegan oils. Other than canola, there is palm, palm kernel and chocolate butter. The palm oil is a bit controversial– it appears rainforests and habitats of orangs, elephants and tigers are being cleared to make way for palm oil plantations. So cocoa butter at $12 to $16 a lb might be a more ethical vegan solid oil, but amazingly, it is really hard to find.

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