Why I am vegetarian

So I was thinking of getting a shirt from COK Ask me why I'm vegetarian T shirt, but I don’t have a ready speech.

I believe that participating in harm to other sentient beings cause harm to yourself. The habituation to death, violence, and taking advantage of the weak makes you into a worse person, a person you’d rather not be. Turning the living into animate objects by thinking of them as that, ignoring the value of all life leads to you thinking the same of your own life.

I believe, based on the totality of available knowledge about the limits of the global ecosystem that a diet of grain and chicken-shit fed beef, fish-meal fed chicken and antibiotic and corn fed fish is a diet for ecological collapse and the end of all modern civilization everywhere. The coming famine will make the great famine of China look like a feast. I can’t stop it, but I don’t want it on my conscious.

I believe, based on all currently available knowledge, that a diet high in animal fats is a diet for a short life. Unless your parents were hunters and gatherers from the artic, you and your family have been eating primarily vegetarian diets for the last 4000 years. You digestive system has evolved the ability to cope with gluten, lactose and lost the ability to cope with unlimited quantities of animal fat. I’ve never met a diet fad I didn’t like, so if you still want to be a paleo, you can still be a vegan– you would have nuts and seeds, starchy tubers at the base of your diet, a diet which depending on the season is what real world hunters and gatherers depended on.

However, I also believe that diets are incredibly stable. People are willing to engage in all sorts of irrational thought to cling to their current ways. I would encourage them to stop eating corn fed beef, which makes the cows sick, to eat farmers market chicken and pork so that they aren’t eating the diseased bodies of animals raised in disease guaranteeing conditions, and to stop eating fish– it’s all mislabeled and your are probably eating the unsellable mercury and heavy metal laden poison. Food from local farmers costs more, but you will be giving work back to local farming communities who are being ravaged by meth addiction and desperation as job dry up when another factory farm puts another community out of business.

If you found any of this persuasive, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. You don’t have to switch to being a vegan (i.e. no meat, fish, milk or eggs). You can just cut out the meat that was tortured to death from your diet and eat humanely slaughtered meat. You can switch to farmers market meat. You can skip meat on Mondays. You can eat low on the sentience chain, i.e. mollusk instead of beef.

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