Books for Linguistics Book Club

This is the reading list for a popular linguistics book club that I ran for a few years. Wow I read a lot of books. I recommend these for any linguistics book club that has a general audience. Not all of them are strictly about the science of linguistics, some of them are just related to the world of words. I’d re-read all except about one or two of these

How Babies Talk- Golinkoff
Elivish to Klingon- Evans
Babel No More- Erard
Empires of the Word- Ostler (too long for a book club!)
Talking Hands- Fox
You are What you Speak – Robert Greene
Atoms of Language- Baker
Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue- McWorter (Everything by McWorter is good for a book club)
The Talking Ape- Burling
In the Beginning- Hoffman
Bastard Tongues- Bickerton
Origins of the Specious: Myths of English- O’Connor
Speak Like a Native- Janish- (I actually don’t recommend this book, there are better ones)
Don’t Sleep, There are Snakes- Everett
The Last Lingua Franca: English Until the Return of Babel, Ostler
“The Horse, the Wheel, and Language”, by D W Anthony
“The Origin of Language” – Ruhlen
Dreaming in Chinese- Fallows
Through The Language Glass- Deutscher
“The Professor and the Madman”, by Simon Winchester
Steven Pinker’s The Stuff of Thought
Adam’s Tongue, Bickerton
Dreaming in Hindi by Katherine Russell Rich
Land of the Invented Language by Arika Okrent
Language Death
“Language, Bananas, and Bonobos”, by Neil Smith
“Talking from 9-5″, Tannen
The Language Instinct by Steven Pinker
“Metaphors we Live By”, by George Lakoff
Words and Rules, Pinker
The Language Imperative Haden-Elgin
The Unfolding of Language, Deutscher
“Power of Babel”, McWhorter
“Mother Tongue”, Bill Bryson

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