Matrix: Movie Review

Just finished watching the last Matrix film. Here are some random thoughts:

It doesn’t make sense that humans are being used a source of electricity. It does make sense if humans are a source of computational power as rebellious robots might be technologically advanced to do what they were envisioned to do, but not advanced enough think all the thoughts they want to be able to think.

It doesn’t make sense that Neo has superpowers outside of the Matrix. It does make sense if the machines have augmented him with more than just jacks in his spine, something like a wireless connection to the Matrix.

It doesn’t make sense for humans to fight machines by trying to darken the sky. The loss of the ability to farm would mean the end of life for humanity as well. As for that matter, how does Zion feed itself? While a science fiction story without good characters and a story is worthless, a science fiction with lacunae in the setting is distracting. It would have helped if there were some other elements in the story to make it clear that is is a parallel universe, something that clearly could never be. Somehow magical wands are easier to deal with because as soon as a story has a magical wand, you know for sure you are not in Kansas anymore, but as soon as you are in a semi-plausible science fiction story, it isn’t as clear–and it creates a distraction.
The movie has way to much to explain. The story should have been a miniseries, or maybe even a TV series.

The directors ripped off a lot of very good science fiction novelists. If you are going to be unimaginative and steal ideas, at least they stole very good ideas from very good authors–in particular, the ideas stolen from Frank Herbert’s Dune.

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