Administrativia: Running meetup groups

Ah, this is so boring it is a shame to write about it.  But things I write about in my blog, I tend to consider said and done and stop talking about it to people in person.  So…

I’ve re-organized my meetups I organize.

Scandinavian Languages.  Meetup let me organize an Icelandic Meetup.  If you live anywhere in the world, you can now organize an Icelandic Meetup conversation group.  There should have never been a Scandinavian Language group, just like there should never be an Indo-European language group.  People like to get together to speak a language, not a language family.

For the Swedish group,  I’m thinking of being ambitious and holding weekly events, albeit in different corners of DC each time.  It’s a win-no loss situation, since the RSVP engine makes it possible to cancel events should it turn out I was too optimistic.  Amazingly, every single event that met quorum so far has been successful.

For the Norwegian group, it is something of a struggle, but it is forming and some of the attendees might help out with organizing.

Someday I need to write how to “conduct” a language learners’ meetup- I’ve learned so much by observing. But not today.
Icelandic.  Organizing the Icelandic group looks like it will take the most preparation, because I will have to be prepared to study/teach/learn.  You can’t talk or monitor if no one at the group is conversationally fluent, right?

I’m so excited about Icelandic, I’m even tempted to set up my new laptop to stream Icelandic radio at the office.  This would be a serious challenge because it would have to run off cellphone Wi-Fi, the office prohibits using streaming media. Gotta get that immersion somehow.
Database Professionals.  I have no idea if this format will work.  All I know is that working in IT is socially isolation.  What better a solution than to use the tools of your own trade to fix the problems of a de-populated workplace?