Website Review: Ebay’s Expensive

The fees for a $1.00 item: 45.25% if you sell it on first listing.

The fees for a $500 item: about 6%.

I, a $1.00 book will run 15%, down to 5% for a $500 item. gives you a shipping reimbursement which is very close to or greater than the shipping and commission.

I don’t understand why any books at all are listed on eBay. It must be the way eBay calculates shipping fees. eBay doesn’t charge a comission on the shipping fees, so if you charge $3.00 to ship a book, then the commission is 10%.

You’d think that the shipping component would confuse sellers and discourage them from listing.

I almost signed up for, but then I noticed they charge $25 per month! Whoa. That is like, for full time book sellers. And their commission is 13%, not all that much less than I’d calculate the break even point but I already know it’s way more books than I ever sell.

Website Review: GameKnot Warnings

A friend of mine recently had a bad experience with GameKnot. It looks like they have instituted an anti-cheating program and have hit on some false positives. They have a policy of closing your account, (paid or not) without warning, if you are suspected of cheating.

Aside from if their EULA allows from this, this isn’t how anyone should be treated if they pay or if a company wants a customer to become a paying member. If someone cheats, or looks like they are cheating, they should get a warning and be given an opportunity to deal with it. It is a matter of playground fairness.

Or play against the machine. They fight fair.

Chessmaster 10th Edition

Chessmaster 10th Edition

Bill Monk

I’ve opened a Bill Monk account. Apparently it is a way to track book lending (plus other forms of lending amongst friends and family)

I haven’t quite figured out if I need to get my friends to join Bill Monk or if I need to make friends of people who are already inthe Bill Monk system. I think there already is a website for lending money to strangers on the basis of an ebay type reputation tracking system. *(Update– Bill monk doesn’t match people who want to buy, barter or borrow, it just helps keep track of the accounting.)

The book angle is a bit like a short loop book ring. A book ring is where a person solicits a list of people who want to read a book he has and then the readers ship and read the book along the list and possibly, someday the loop finishes and the original book owner gets his well worn book back. Book rings are more shipping cost efficient, but reduce the odds that you will ever get your book back.

A Geek Reads

Like usual, I am more excited about the idea of reading than reading. In fact, I’ve probably wasted more time downloading different book readers, eBooks, tracking down public domain books, figuring out how to format them for all my various screens than reading recently.

If the book costs lots of money, check here first, especially if it is about 1-3 years old. Newers books at cost the same as and older books are probably available at the library.


This is a book swap site. Books on have a minimum price, so buying (or selling) pulp fiction at isn’t cost effective. I haven’t tried to mooch yet, but I’m excited about the idea.

Chain Reading

This is kind of a social website where the main interaction is, “Whachareadin?” While half of the edges of the website are rough, some of the edges have a nice polish. There are definately not enough members on it yet. Chain reading can’t really compete with some of the similar features offeredon

And there is even more stuff I haven’t had time to write about: