Charity Time: Local and National

Today I’m giving money to Central Union Mission, a DC soup kitchen and homeless shelter.

I’m giving money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and to the DNC- out of the also-rans, only Kucinich is an exciting candidate, but he’s unelectable–I agree with him on most issues, but not on the international economics issues–I find the isolationist response to globalization to be lefty flavored nativism.  I might give Kucinich some money because an also-ran’s campaign is to deliver a message, which isn’t entirely without value.  I still need to pick a suitable non-party attack dog, some organization vicious enough to counter-balance the upcoming conservative’s ads.

I’m giving money to the Sierra Club.

I gave money to the Vegetarian Society of DC.

I’ve given time to Physicians for Responsible Medicine, Food & Friends and Arlingtonians for Clean Environment.