Health for the 33 Year Old

I’ve been working hard at the office for the last year and started to really neglect my body. Skipped doctor visits, dentist, stopped exercising, albeit not entirely.

Two days ago I resumed, starting off with Crunch Boot Camp Training workout.  It is less than a half hour.  I was sore the next day.

I also have been trying harder to at least get all the calories I need everyday.  Wholefoods will take my whole paycheck, but I’m starting to eat three square meals again. Cooking is time consuming though, I need to find some short cuts.

Health starts with a body type. I’m skinnier than average.  That means on average, I stop feeling hungry, or motivated to keep eating, before I have enough calories to support an optimum weight.  The solution is easy, eat when I’m not hungry.

But eating more isn’t enough.  We want that new food to turn into muscle and bone.  That means I need to do weight lifting.  Plus some cardio because I’ve been inactive so long.  Last week I tried to do a knees only work out–since I wasn’t in exercising mode, I ended up pulling some muscle I didn’t know I had and was nearly limping the next day and there after for about  four days.  I’ve learned my lesson.  Before starting a strenght building regime, do a few days of cardio to get you body into exercise mode.

All in all, right now I’m really excited.  I think I just might be able to hold onto this exercise habit.


So today I’m thing, what’s a guy to do when his number one crush will have no more of him? Well, salsa works. During todays lesson, I realized that all of the basic steps could be encoded to DDR (arrow up, center, bounce, arrow down, center, bounce) The half swing could be DDR steps, too, but so far I’ve never seen a back right, center, bounce, back left, center, bounce step. DDR is always on the X and Y axis.

I got there and my mind tried to be helpful and calculated the euclidian distance between my number one crush and each face on the dance floor. If that wasn’t enough, my heart figured out by how many generations separated each person on the dance floor from my number one crush. Ooo, I really wanted to dance with them, pity they were just warming up for the intermediate class. I danced with two beginners and one expert none the less and I didn’t step on anyone! I only got stepped on.
Now, after doing a bit of DDR, some blogging, some playing fetch with the cat, its time to turn my attention away from my number one crush and instead focus on bills of complaints, 2005 income taxes and other fascinating topics.